Our athletics team is hard working and dedicated, producing great results and proving that Girls in Green are a force to be reckoned with. Our athletes are given many opportunities to show off their strengths at our inter-house meeting, various invitation competitions and at inter-high meetings where our girls face some serious competition. The coaches offer guidance, support and share their experience with the athletes. We pride ourselves on sportsmanship and good competitive values.


At SGHS we value the contribution played by sport in developing well-rounded young women. One of the sports we offer is hockey. We have the excellent facilities and top-notch fields which are well maintained. Our coaches who are regularly upgrading their training methods bring their expertise to their teams.


Our swimming team trains hard and regularly in the afternoons after school. The swimmers give their all at the inter-house swimming gala and then at the many friendly galas throughout the season as well. At the inter-high gala they pit their talents against the best swimmers in the league.


Our softball teams enjoy the excitement and pace of this sport. The annual softball tournament is ideal to develop skills and enjoy a fun-filled day of competition and sport.


Netball is one of the more popular sports that the school offers because a lot of girls have played it in primary school. A great number of our girls make it into the D5 teams each year and go on to play for their region and province.

Public Speaking

Each grade has a team consisting of four public speakers. Learners are encouraged to participate and excel and individual speakers and as team speakers. Along with the many competitions and courses that learners are exposed to, the school holds two annual and highly anticipated public speaking events in the teacher’ staff room: The English Speech Afternoon and the Afrikaans Toespraakmiddag, where the best speakers are awarded; where talent and interesting topics are shared with the audience.

Cultural Day

Cultural day happens annually. Our learners enjoy a full day of plays, singing, skits, poetry and instrumental performances by their peers.


Chess is a growing activity at SGHS. The learners love to challenge one another and enjoy the competition of the league as well as friendly competitions in which they take part.


Our choir works continuously throughout the year to perfect their art and perform at various school functions. These dedicated and passionate singers are coached and guided by Ms Tshabalala who has great musical experience and skills.

RCL (Representative Council of Learners)

Each grade elect learners to represent them in matters concerning the school and their school environment. They are encouraged through fundraising for worthy causes, and raising awareness of a range of social issues to give back to their community. The RCL, being representatives of the learners, are expected to embody the ethos of the school and set a good example for all of the learners that they represent. These learners go on a leadership camp annually where their leadership skills are honed and their ability to work as a team is developed.
Aside from the obvious roles and responsibilities of an RCL body, they are also very involved in charity initiatives which aim at giving back to the community. They raise money, collect needful things and encourage school participation in generosity


The wheelchair drive started in 2011 with learners and staff collecting bread tags. For every 10kg of bread tags a wheelchair was received. Later bread tags as well as bottle tops were collected.
Between 2011 – 2016, 20 wheelchairs were donated to the following institutions: Operation Snow Drop, Vita Nova Centre, Kwa Thema Central Methodist Church, Geduld Methodist Church, Kwa Thema Centre for Disabled People, Felicitas , Sunfield Fortuna, Verda.
A group of girls assists in the counting of these bottle tops and bread tags


The SGHS Interact Club was formed in 2015.
The club falls under the auspices of Rotary Springs and is facilitated by educators at our school.
The ethos of Interact and Rotary is always, “… others above self.”
Interact have initiated many community projects and made substantial donations of non-perishable groceries to various needy institutions. They have also donated time to up-grade facilities and plant vegetable gardens at these same facilities and continue to be eager to put others’ needs above their own under the guidance of the Interact Committee that changes annually.

Blood Drive

Springs Girls’ High has four blood drives per year. The newly elected Grade 10 blood monitors had their first successful blood drive for 2019. Fifty eight donors donated on 15 February.

Lab Monitors

The laboratory monitors are selected based on their willingness to help and their interest in the sciences. The learners are tasked with assisting their educators in preparing laboratories and classrooms for practicals and experiments, ensuring that each classroom is kept clean and tidy and that the apparatus is stored safely. They perform the vital role stock taking at the end of each year as well.

Library Monitors

The library monitors are selected based on a CV they submit. They are trained to issue books, use the photocopiers and other media resources. Giving up breaks takes a lot of dedication and commitment.

Magazine Committee

The learners who are part of the magazine committee collect articles and photographs of all aspects of school and of activities undertaken. The school e-magazine is an annual publication which contains class photos, team photos, matric dance photos, the principal’s report, photos from Honours and Prestige Evening and much more.